Both Types of Runways by Amanda

Both Types of Runways by Amanda

What does a typical pilot wear? As a child, when I pictured aviation enthusiasts, bomber jackets and aviator sunglasses came to mind. As I have gotten older, I am able to reflect my personal style, and my interests embrace them. Those bomber jackets and sunglasses are more than just symbols to me, they are aspects of my style that I am able to add in to further explain who I am. Then, I stumbled upon Charlie Air Aviation Apparel, my style inspiration was forever changed.

Charlie Air does the difficult and unique job of creating functional yet stylish clothing for aviation enthusiasts. I was awestruck by the amazing styles and ideas that the brand came up with! I wanted to take aviation apparel a step further, it is a huge aspect of who I am. I teamed up with Charlie Air and took the challenge of wearing my aviation apparel here on the streets of Manhattan. Whether I was walking into a rural town airport, or walking the streets of Chelsea, New York, my outfit got numerous compliments!

Pictured I am wearing the “first solo” tee. Don’t we all love that blissful feeling of taking off all by ourselves for the first time? I think the gal on the back of my tee shirt captured my reaction perfectly.

Each of the designs seemed to tell a story. I made that story mine by styling the apparel to fit my personal style. One of my favorite ideas is to personalize my bomber jacket to make it more my own. I often add patches or pins that I collect from airshows. I cannot wait to see all the brand has in store to transform the world of aviation.

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Do me a solid, mention me! I love to know who is out there reading, and who gets inspired! The company is based in the sunshine state of Florida, and is doing big things all around the country! Stay tuned as Charlie Air and I continue to change the streets of Manhattan, forever.